5 Shorts

This week’s five shorts feature plenty of striking abstract animations that subvert our expectations, as well as a short documentary on stone carving and a mystifying, smoke-filled music video.


Populous – Azulejos

We kick off with Populous’ mesmerising animated journey through the streets of Lisbon, using all the vibrant traditional colours and patterns of its architecture. Beginning at the water, we journey through deconstructed streets and under bridges, taking trams and mounting stairs while abstract geometric shapes burst and twist. A feast for the eyes.


Sexual Non-Liberation – School of Life

Alain De Botton proves us all to be lying, shameful sexual deviants masquerading as open, liberated swingers. Taken from The School of Life, a website, books and classes dedicated to developing emotional intelligence, Sexual Non-Liberation charts our development from religiously restricted prudes to supposedly debauched fiends against the luminous backdrop of Jesse Collett’s illustrations. Between all the morphing breasts and cheeky masochistic snapshots it’s a beautiful way to broach an often awkward topic.


Samyel – Allumette

Beautifully animated by Aran Quinn, this music video for Samyel’s ode to the one who turns him on plays with vivid primary colours and human forms. There are plenty of fun little nods and winks to the lyrics (‘you make my cheeks turn red’) and lots of voluminous arses to enjoy prancing about the place.


A Continuous Shape

Charting the creation of a modern stone sculpture, A Continuous Shape follows Anna Rubincam, who openly admits the madness of pursuing this form of art in the modern world. The film captures the physicality of the work and the intensity of the relationship between artist and model as their likeness is captured in such a permanent material.


Sjamsoedin: Orion

Dutch producer Sjamsoedin’s latest track is paired with plumes of smoke that duck and dive over a monochromatic background. With almost jellyfish-like tails trailing behind them, this is one of those videos where you spend most of the time wondering how they did it…