5 Shorts

In this selection from the TGP crew, we go crate digging with Badbadnotgood, discover some music memories at Primavera, spy an intimate love letter, witness one man’s World Cup 1990 and peep Rejjie Snow’s latest.

Badbadnotgood – What’s in my Bag?

Amoeba Music takes us crate digging with Badbadnotgood and their collaborator Charlotte Day Wilson. They talk us through their picks, including MF Doom’s ‘Mm… Food’, John Coltrane’s ‘Transition’ and Bill Summers and Summer Heat’s ‘Cayenne’.

Primavera Sound TV – My Favourite Music Memory

We were pretty upset not to have made it to this year’s Primavera, but Nice Shit Studio have given us a taste of some of the talent who performed this year with their ‘My Favourite Music Memory’ series for Primavera TV. In this episode, Interpol’s Daniel Kessler tells us about his first music memories, brought to life with some pretty lovely animation.

“Jane” by Patrick Golan

A simply stunning love letter-come-short from New York-based cinematographer Patrick Golan, which gives Charles Bukowski’s poem “The Days Run Away Like Wild Horses Over the Hills” a whole new level of meaning.

A Nation Holds its Breath

Ireland still treasures the memories of the summer of 1990 when we nearly, almost made it to World Cup glory. Director Kev Cahill reminisces that historic moment in this short for Lexus Films, where one man faces the age old quandary of whether to witness his wife give birth to his first born or his country’s team reach the quarter finals.

Rejjie Snow – Unborn

This one’s just dropped from Rejjie’s ‘The Moon & You’ – a 13-track mixtape and precursor to the ‘Dear Annie’ album set for release later this year. The video takes us to dreamy other world, shot just outside London and directed by Joseph Bird who says: “we wanted to make it look like Rejjie’s desolate playground.”