Dave Tynan’s 5 Shorts

Posted on January 17, 2017 by This Greedy Pig

Dave Tynan is the director behind some of the most arresting and affecting pieces of film you'll see popping up in your timeline. His 2012 short 'Just Sayin' gave a lyric and a voice to the conflict around emigration, at a time when our young people were leaving in their droves for other capitals and those of us left behind faced a lot of self-reflection. Last year's 'We Face This Land' gave a powerful visual complement to the words of Sarah Maria Griffin's poem advocating to repeal the 8th amendment and just yesterday his newest project with Emmet Kirwan, 'Heartbreak' began doing the rounds on social media to huge acclaim. We gave Dave the task of curating the first 5 Shorts of the year with the pieces he thinks are worth giving a few minutes of your time to.


Dave Tynan - Heartbreak

Our new film. Adapted from Emmet Kirwan’s piece Heartbreak which was part of thisispopbaby’s RIOT! I think he’s a wizard. Can’t think of anyone else who could have written and performed. 


Alan Flanagan  - I Do 

There was a bunch of Marriage Equality videos in 2015. This one was by far my favourite, wish more people had seen it. Raw and elegant in both words and delivery. 


Kahlil Joseph - Wildcat

Dunno what it is. Short, music video, doc? It’s just class. Gorgeous monochrome photography from the director behind Lemonade’s visuals.  


Moira Brady Averill - Mrs Gibbons 

Missing this hilarious woman who lit up Dublin. Superior messing. 


Cathy Brady - Morning

One of the best ever Irish shorts by wonder woman Cathy Brady. Dread and perfect performances by Eileen Walsh and Johnny Harris.  


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