New Music You Should Hear

We’ve gone more strange and esoteric this week with lots of deep EPs that are stuck in our heads. Dublin’s own Sias goes experimental techno with his new ‘As We Are’ EP released on London’s SZE, and Dave Hargadon (usually of Slowburn) has gone it alone as Esoteric Orchestra with a housey EP with plenty of sharp synths and pleasing drums (the artwork was even done by TGP’s own Noel Feeney). E.F.A’s debut is a jumpy number that vibrates at a high frequency and is only out on a short run so grab it while you can.

Meanwhile, California-based P Relief has teamed up with Diego Herrera for another release on their own P & D Records with another cryptic record that meanders between trance-inducing drums and flickering samples.

For some light relief we have Turenne’s eminently danceable and sunny track ‘Triplett’ from a forthcoming Axe on Wax EP and a new song titled “Night Grows Pale” by Flying Lotus, which samples Queen’s song “White Queen”. To cap it all off we have a 12 minute stomper of a track from Stamp the Wax with as much funky flute and percussion as you can muster. It’s an ode to American disco, soul and boogie meant to fuse with the UK’s sound system culture so if you’ve got a spare one to hand, fire it up.

Sias – As We Are EP

E.F.A. – Arachno

PD002 – P Relief & D

Esoteric Orchestra – Liquid Saffire EP (LSM 002)

Turenne – Triplett [Axe On Wax]

Flying Lotus – Night Grows Pale

BB Boogie – Nakayo/Liquid Motion