New Music You Should Hear

Kicking off with DJ Haus’s cheeky ‘Hot 4 U’, with an ear worm of a vocal and sparse but addictive hi hat we then ease into another belter from Dublin-favourite Sias. We featured his ‘As We Are’ EP a few new musics back and this title track is a punchy entry into his weirder oeuvre. Chicago-native DJ Joe Lewis’ ‘Survival’ EP was almost lost to time. Recorded in 1990 with vocalist Darryl Goodlett, Midnight Dancin’ resurfaces now as part of a 4 track EP that is sure to entrance.

Meanwhile, fresh out of Chile, Massiande’s ‘Straight’ from his ‘Freedom’ EP has plenty of spacious hazy house that feels incredibly danceable, whereas our final pick, DJ Hell’s Car Car Car (remixed by Roman Flügel), is the opposite. Kicking off with hushed tones before delving into robotic spoken word, the track mixes a static, bleepy soundscape with droning revs, creating a feedback loop fresh from a machine-run dystopia.

DJ Haus – Hot 4 U

Sias – As We Are

DJ Hell – Car Car Car (Roman Flügel Remix)

DJ Joe Lewis – Survival EP

Massiande – Straight [Phonica White]