New Music You Should Hear

We’ve got a veritable smorgasbord of tracks this week. First up, is a preview of Calcium Club’s ‘Cosmic Creeper’, which is released on 24th July on Major Problems. Full disclosure: the vinyl artwork is by our very own Mel Keane and is rather nice indeed. Get one of the 30 hand-drawn copies while you can.

Next up, XLR8 have a full stream of French producer Traumer’s stripped back, percussion based ‘Smoravi’. We love the purring vocals on Mndsgn’s ‘Purrspective’, which was released as a bonus track on the Perspective LP from Stone’s Throw last summer. RBMA alumni Alleged Witches just dropped this self-titled cut of offbeat, experimental techno with hypnotic, almost ritualistic vocals and Bernard Badie’s four track EP ‘Groove in You’ is very aptly described by Hard Wax as “jacking, disco rooted, Chicago house”.

Then there’s one for the sunrise ravers with Lisbon’s Luke Haze ‘Love in Lux’ EP. He kicks things off with strings and conga beats before taking things down a peg or two with some acid house jams. We finish things off with NTS stalwarts Bullion and their ‘Spin2Glory’. All proceeds from their Five Miles London gig with Reverie, Atlas and Throwing Shade on Saturday, 17th June go to the Grenfell Fire victims so check it out if you’re in the neighbourhood.

Calcium Club ‘Cosmic Creeper’ [MPR015] samplessss

Traumer – Smoravi

Mndsgn – Purrspective

Alleged Witches – Alleged Witches

Bernard Badie – Groove In You – Mojuba 026

Lake Haze – Love In Lux – Unknown To The Unknown