New Music You Should Hear

This week we’re bringing you an eclectic mix of tunes that have been on heavy rotation in the TGP office. First up is sultry techno track ‘Loose Grip’ from Ron Blanco, then we have the hip hop tinged ‘Dordie’ from LA based producer Knxwledge.

Things then get slightly heavier with Dekmental’s Bufiman ‘Peace Moves’ EP – perfect tunes for a late night summer soirée. Things mellow out again with ambient deep house tracks ‘Yeah’ by Alejandro Aka Nervouz boy and the ‘Jumon’ EP by MR G. We end things on a high with a hair brained, aqueous dub track from Tapes & Superstar.

Ron Blanco – Loose Grip

Knxwledge – Dordie

Bufiman – Peace Moves EP

Alejandro Aka Nervouz Boy – Yeah!

Mr.G – Jumon EP

Superstar VS Tapes – Spirit World