New Music You Should Hear

Kicking off with Waffles, part of the Dewaele Brother’s re-edit series of obscure disco records with strange leanings, the newest edition, ‘Poland Waffle’ doesn’t disappoint. We’re also addicted to Frankie Francis’ edit of Steve Monite’s ‘Only You’ coupled with Nick The Record & Dan Tyler’s re-edit of Tabu Ley Rochereau’s ‘Hafi Deo’. Taking a dip into the funkier/groovier side of things we’ve got Maurice Moore & the Family Affair Band, Luther Davis Group’s ‘You Can Be a Star’ and Charlie Smooth’s ‘El Fen’.

We then head for darker territory with Machine Woman’s ‘Camile From OHM Makes Me Feel Loved’ and a release from Oli/Fes on Patrúin. I am the Cosmos and Lone’s ‘Ambivert Tools Volume Two’ bring us back to lighter, airier territory before we finish on the wide and spacey terrain of Panoram’s ‘Polyglot Dreaming’. Buckle up.

Waffles 006 – Poland Waffle

Steve Monite – Only You (Frankie Francis Disco Jam Edit)

Tabuley Rochereau – Hafi Deo (Nick The Record & Dan Tyler Re – Edit Dub)

Maurice Moore & Family Affair Band – Everything That Shines Ain’t Gold (Floating Points Edit)

Luther Davis Group – You Can Be A Star

Charlie Smooth – El Fen

Machine Woman – Camile from OHM Makes me Feel Loved

Oli/Fes – Untitled

I Am The Cosmos – Making me Wait

Panoram – Polyglot Dreaming