Dublin Gallery Weekend

The third edition of Dublin’s biggest visual arts festival took place across 34 galleries and museums in the city, from 23-26 November. We held the event’s first-ever press launch at the Hugh Lane Gallery and brought the festival to an international audience for the first time.

Our targeted PR campaign saw the The New York Times, Frieze Magazine, and Art Agenda visit for the weekend, as well as placements in La Stampa, Domus, The Sunday Times, The Irish Times, RTÉ Arena and many other national outlets.

We also created a social media campaign and managed Dublin Gallery Weekend’s platforms in the two-week run up to, and during, the event. Our social campaign aimed to create awareness and anticipation of DGW, and re-engage our existing community, while trying to reach new potential fans.

We promoted the key DGW events supported with a geo-targeted ad spend. We designed a series of assets and GIFs with new images we sourced from the participating galleries to countdown to the launch of the event.

We also posted reactive social content across the weekend of the festival. The aim of this strategy was to engage people who were at the various events across the city, while also enticing people to attend next year’s DGW.