Working with some of our favourite international record labels, graphic designers and artists, we launched an exhibition which saw 12 iconic album covers reimagined. 

The only rule was that it had to fit the dimensions of a record sleeve. Each artist picked an album of their choice, and redesigned the artwork. We then exhibited the pieces at Dublin’s Copperhouse Gallery, with a week-long run of live music, DJs, talks, screenings and record fairs.

Artists included:

Paul Diddy


William Onyeabor is his most iconic cover, and he chose to re-interpret Alice Coltrane’s ‘Turiya Sings’




 Nick Gazin


Art editor of Vice, and most notably behind the Run the Jewels cover, Nick reimagined ‘The Legend of Baby Huey’




 Vlad Sepetov


Art Director for new RCS spin-off label Keep Cool, Vlad designed the last two Kendrick Lamar covers. He re-interpreted an obscure Bay Area album by Mac Dre – Dreganomics






One half of Mochilla and responsible for dozens of iconic covers, including DJ Shadow’s Endtroducing, B+ took on Jurassic 5’s ‘Quality Control’




 Dewey Saunders


A collage artist that has worked with Anderson Paak on his Malibu cover, Dewey flipped the ‘Voodoo’ album cover by D’Angelo




Stephen Serrato


Stephen art-directed the Flying Lotus ‘You’re Dead’ release, and took on a Frankie Reyes album for Fantasy 12




We created an identity for the exhibition, designed a website and organised a series of talks at Red Bull Music Academy at Metropolis Festival, with artists Paul Diddy and Teti Martinez, and Donal Thornton of Choice Cuts.

We ran an international PR and social campaign for the project, sourced and chose artists to work with, and printed and framed all works.

The exhibition and project received significant press, including Vice Creators Project, Huck Magazine, The Irish Times, and Culture Trip. WeTransfer ran an image of the event as their wallpaper for a week to their audience of more than 20 million users.