Hen’s Teeth X Our Type

For one week in June, our sister company Hen’s Teeth, hosted Trevor Finnegan of Our Type for an exhibition of works documenting traditional Irish shopfronts.



The culmination of seven years’ work, featuring every county in Ireland, Trevor’s collection showcased the unique design, charm and heritage of the traditional Irish main street, and documented pubs and lounge bars, general stores, fishing, camera and uniform specialists, fancy goods shops, greengrocers and ‘fruiterers’.

The shopfronts range in style from 19th-century, through to Art Deco gems and 1970s renovations, and Trevor’s work records the regional variations in architecture, typefaces, colour palettes and use of Irish.

For the exhibition, we transformed Hen’s Teeth into a traditional rural Irish village store by repainting the shopfront, setting the scene indoors with props and signage, and hanging the all-important net curtains and neighbourhood watch sticker in the windows. We secured sponsorship from HB for the opening, who provided a vintage freezer full of iced treats for guests.

The exhibition garnered considerable press coverage, including the Irish Times, the Examiner, Dublin People, and Totally Dublin. The exhibition and our installations at Hen’s Teeth also attracted attention on social media, with posts from neighbouring businesses, attendees, and passersby admiring our costume change and Trevor’s works.