Soar is a youth-focused charity that runs early intervention and preventative workshops across Ireland for 12-18 year olds.

This Greedy Pig collaborated with SOAR – the charity which works with teenagers to thrive, and express and understand themselves – to design an engaging and interactive website. Our designers created a bright and colourful site which informs young people, teachers and parents, and enables e-commerce and donating.

We also worked with SOAR to develop a campaign aimed at lifting the lid on the realities behind idealised social media posts. SOAR asked us to develop the campaign, to help improve the mental health and self esteem of young people, who consume large amounts of highly edited, filtered and rose-tinted social media imagery and videos.

We came up with No Tinted Glasses.

We gave a group of teenagers disposable cameras, and told them to take photos of their daily life, in its raw, unfiltered form. We also gave cameras to well-known artists and musicians in an aim to inspire their fans and a younger generation to step away from their phones for a moment.